Hollywood would be a barren place if it weren't for the little people. No, that doesn't refer to the gaffers, the grips and the best boys; we mean actual "little people". When you match their appearance with some real acting talent, you end up with something memorable. Just because these dwarves are short in stature doesn't mean they're short on heart. The dwarves on this list have a lot of fight in little bodies!

Angelo, "Death to Smoochy".

"Death To Smoochy" was a weird movie, and while in most movies, dwarves are played for comic effect as maniacal little imps, in "Smoochy", Angelo is probably the most normal character in the whole film. But just because he's normal doesn't mean he's a pushover. Angelo knows how to look out for himself, including making the transition from the Rainbow Randolph regime to the Smoochy sect. Also, don't bust his picture-in-picture TV, lest you want to be physically thrown out of his apartment!

Marcus, "Bad Santa".

A foul-mouthed, criminal dwarf doesn't usually figure to be among the more likeable characters in a movie, but in "Bad Santa" Billy Bob Thornton is so rotten as Willy that audiences can't help but gravitate more toward Marcus. Still, he is a bad guy, and he does bad guy stuff. That includes aiding in the murder of a store detective, pulling a gun on his partner, and hitting a child in the groin. He's a fighter, this one!

The Leprechaun, "Leprechaun".

This list could almost be re-named in Warwick Davis' honor. The man has played little people in huge films like the "Harry Potter" and "Star Wars" series. But Warwick isn't allergic to a payday, so he took on the title role in "Leprechaun", a franchise with a little less prestige than "Harry Potter". The movies may not be four-star epics, but Warwick is always entertaining as he cackles maniacally. And you know what? "Leprechaun in Space" is as good as any of the "Star Wars" prequels!

Tyrion Lannister, "Game of Thrones".

Peter Dinklage is drawing rave reviews for his work on "Game of Thrones", and for good reason. He's been awesome as Tyrion Lannister, who is far and away the most compelling character on HBO's mega-hit. The unloved imp son of the land's wealthiest family, he is equal parts arrogant bastard and intelligent philosopher. He's keenly aware of his limitations, but he's also skilled in leveraging his size to his advantage.

Gwildor, "Masters of the Universe".

Billy Barty is a legend among dwarf actors. His career is long and distinguished, but it's probably a safe bet that he wishes he could burn the copies of this film (same goes for Courtney Cox). The nonsensical plot involving inter-dimensional code keys and He-Man racing around on flying saucers didn't help, but Billy wasn't at his best here. Still, Gwildor comes up big in the clutch, helping his buddies get home and defeat Skeletor.

Nick Nack, "The Man With The Golden Gun".

Before he was Tatu on "Fantasy Island", Herve Villechaize got himself some face time in the Roger Moore Bond film "The Man With The Golden Gun." Nick Nack was the smallest of the Bond henchmen, but he was as bad as anyone. In fact, being able to skulk around below the sight lines of most men allowed him to do some pretty nefarious stuff, including pulling a Derringer on James Bond. He's a lot of evil in a small package!

Willow Ufgood, "Willow".

It's Warwick Davis again, this time in possibly his best-known role. Despite starting the film as a shy Nelwyn, Willow Ufgood ends up being quite a fighter. He throws down with the evil General Kale, charging at him with a sword in hand, and he plays a huge role in the climactic final battle with the wicked Queen of Nockmaar, Bavmorda. If not for his pseudo-wizard ways, little Elora Dannon may have been banished to another dimension! Truly, Willow has the most fight of any dwarf in cinema history.