Every movie needs a good villain, right? But sometimes, the villains are more than just bad guys. Sometimes, they're evil incarnate, pure blackness spat out from the nether regions of the soul. Demons and films are like peanut butter and chocolate (it'd be dark chocolate in this case), but who are some of the stand-out movie demons? Prepare to tremble with fear as we take a look at seven movie demons that were evil incarnate.

Gabriel, "The Prophecy."

Sometimes, the archangel Gabriel is portrayed more as an avenging spirit in movies. But when Christopher Walken is playing him, you know that the "Evil" meter is getting cranked up to 11. During the course of several films, Walken's "Gabriel" lights people on fire and rips out their hearts with glee, and his trademark halted speaking style. He's a bad dude, that Walken.

Pinhead, "Hellraiser."

Pinhead doesn't do a decent thing during the course of the innumerable "Hellraiser" sequels, but somehow people still love him. It's tough to guess why, but it may have something do with him being so unbelievably evil that you can't help but be fascinated by him. Plus, he's got a whole demonic BDSM thing going on, and that's got some appeal, too. Think of a ridiculous way to kill someone, and chances are Pinhead has done it. The Cenobites are all evil incarnate, and Pinhead is the worst of the worst.

Pazuzu, "The Exorcist."

Though not actually the Devil himself, Pazuzu has to be Lucifer's right hand man. It's revealed in the second installment in this horror franchise that it was the demon Pazuzu inside the body of little Reagan, not Satan. Perhaps the Devil didn't have stomach for all the head-spinning, soup-puking, and crotch-crucifix-stabbing that Pazuzu was pulling in the first movie?

Pumpkinhead, "Pumpkinhead."

In theory, Pumpkinhead is more of an avenger who seeks to wrong those who've wronged him. But in practice, he just kills a lot of people. With each death occurring in a more ridiculous way than the one before. When it comes to horror movie demons, Pumpkinhead rates high on the weirdness scale, but that does nothing to diminish his evil qualities, and his ability to murder people with ease.

Chernabog, "Fantasia."

He's the size of a mountain, is also known by his other name (that would be Satan), and is in possession of a number of evil souls. Evil enough for you yet? Well, how about the fact that some of the Disney mythology suggests that Chernabog is actually the one pulling strings behind all of Disney's evil characters? Maleficent, Scar, Jafar...all puppets for the demon Chernabog.

Damien, "The Omen."

Okay, so his father was the Devil, who had sex with a dog. Whatever the case, the end result was one demonic, evil little boy named Damien. Apart from being generally creepy, he somehow induces a woman to hang herself from the roof of his family's palatial estate, pushes his mom over a rail, and may also herald the coming of the end times. Pretty evil for someone who hasn't even hit puberty.

Lord of Darkness, "Legend."

He ordered his minions to rip the horn off a unicorn! It doesn't get more evil than that, folks. On top of that, Darkness here is sporting one of the most impressive Hollywood make-up jobs in history, making him look every bit as evil as his name would imply. The five-foot tall Tom Cruise is supposed to beat him, but anyone who's paying attention would have put money on the Big Red Demon. But alas, good did defeat evil, and the man who was Maverick put down this supremely evil demon.