7 Movie Characters Who Snapped

Friday, March 30 by

Sgt First Class Raymond Shaw – The Manchurian Candidate

A decorated war hero for his time served in the Gulf, Raymond Shaw easily glides into a political career. He eventually rises to Congressman and then becomes the vice presidential candidate. Pretty impressive if you don’t factor in that he’s actually the brainwashed puppet assassin for an international weapons manufacturer. Which he is. Kinda feels like cheating to me.

Reggie Jackson – The Naked Gun

Even Mr. October is susceptible to dangerous industrialists with their eyes on total world domination. In Naked Gun, Ricardo Montalban triggers a hypnotized Reggie Jackson to attempt to take the life of the Queen during an Angels game. Luckily, he’s crushed by a big fat lady before completing his mission.

Staff Sergeant Bob Barnes – Platoon

The pressures of Vietnam proved too intense for Tom Berenger’s Staff Sergeant Bob Barnes. Heavily scarred an violent, his savage and ruthless actions are constantly called into question, and he finally crosses the line when he kills an innocent villager. Fearing court-martial if discovered, he kills his commanding officer in an effort to cover his tracks. Someone really needs to take dude’s gun away.

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