7 Movie Characters Attacked By Lions

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My sacred duty of bringing you informative list-based movie articles sometimes leaves me cold. Either a topic is too repetitive, too uninspired, or too retar-tar to enjoy writing. On these occasions, it can be quite a struggle between art and commerce. That’s why when recently tasked with putting together a list of dog attack victims from film, I put my foot down. Less I spend the better part of an afternoon researching the filming of Cujo and Beethoven, I told my editor that I can do better. Let me be great.

Skeptical, he replied, “I’d like to see you try!” And with a six syllable pitch, I effectively shot holes in his disbelief. Thus, I proudly present to you Seven Movie Characters Attacked By Lions.

Supporting Cast – Savage Harvest

When Tom Skerrit and Michelle Phillips take their children to Africa, it’s supposed to be the perfect getaway. However, the family is soon attacked by a pride of lions driven crazy by drought. Seeing that this is Tom F***ing Skerritt we’re talking about here, the family is able to survive multiple attacks. They’re colleagues however aren’t as fortunate, which is just all the more reason for them to wish they were Tom Skerritt.

Charles Remington – The Ghost and the Darkness

After using superior stealth and speed to kill off workers building the African Uganda-Mombasa Railway, two lions find themselves on the sh*t-list of a military engineer and the famous hunter, Charles Remington. But these are particularly clever lions who are perpetually one step ahead of their pursuers. Eventually, one is killed while trying to eat Val Kilmer and a baboon. It’s vengeful counterpart drags Remington from his tent and kills him before later dying itself in a final battle with the camp’s sole survivor.

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