7 Movie Birthday Parties That Didn’t Go Quite As Planned

Friday, January 13 by Stu Moody

The Birds.” Children‘s birthday parties are about laughter. There are balloons, all kinds of cookies and cakes and fun games for the kids to play. In one California town, there are also ravenous birds that invade the party and eat people’s faces. I’m guessing the adults didn’t plan on that when they put together this birthday celebration.

The Omen.” The son of a politician is destined for a life of luxury. Everyone is going to roll out the red carpet for the kid, and his birthday parties are going to be the stuff of legend. But for little Damien, his fifth birthday was noteworthy not for its over-the-top pomp and circumstance. No, it stood out because his nanny hanged herself from a building in full view of all the guests and little Damien himself. As far as movie birthdays go, this one was pretty disturbing.

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