7 Movie Birthday Parties That Didn’t Go Quite As Planned

Friday, January 13 by Stu Moody

harold and maude

“Harold and Maude.” Harold went to great pain to plan a perfect evening for his 80-year-old counterpart in this flick. She’d taught him quite a lot about life, and his respect and appreciation for her was obvious. Sadly, Maude decided to rain on Harold’s birthday party plans by no-showing her own party. She had good reason though; she was dead. She’d quietly committed dignified suicide on her 80th birthday, throwing a wrench into Harold’s plan.

The Game.” Michael Douglas wasn’t bargaining for all of this trouble when he cashed in his birthday gift certificate. But after a wild chase, after his life had been torn apart, Douglas found himself on the roof of the company that had done this to him. Turns out, all of this was an elaborate birthday present from his brother, but Douglas didn’t know that until he swan-dived off the roof of the building and fell through a glass ceiling.

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