7 Movie Banks/Bankers That Are Worse Than Bank Of America

Friday, September 30 by

Bank from The GooniesThe Goonies

The Goon Docks Federal Trust aren’t so much evil. But they are total whores. At the outset of The Goonies, the entire neighborhood is set to be demolished to make way for a country club expansion. Then at the film’s conclusion, the bank breaks their ties with the country club when they are presented with a pouch of One Eyed Willy’s rich stuff. Total whores. They don’t even care where they get it from.

The Bank of Evil – Despicable Me

Of course evil scientists and super-villains have their own banks. Think about it. They make their living robbing banks, but where are they going to put those stacks? Back in the bank that they just robbed? Also, this is a perfect way for them to dodge the IRS. It’s expensive to be a villain and their tax paperwork is a nightmare. Especially evil scientists. There’s just so many write-offs.

The IBBC - The International

The IBBC from The International is essentially a flesh and blood version of Despicable Me’s Bank of Evil. They cater to organized crime and corrupt governments and even do a little arms brokering. PLUS they murder their opponents and cut off your pinky finger if you make an ATM transaction with another bank.

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