Bank of America's announcement that they will issue a $5 monthly charge to debit card users has only served to remin the American people that banks don't care about their customers. They are corporate machines fueled by greed and low moral fortitude. But still, they sometimes have free hats and Frisbees.

With that in mind here are some movie banks and bankers that might be more evil than their real life counterparts.

Arthur Case - Inside Man

I'm not sure which is more evil. Banks or Nazis? But have you ever considered the possibility of a Nazi bank? That's one bank that I wouldn't want to borrow from. Just imagine their foreclosure practices.

Centabank - The Bank

The titular bank in the Australian movie The Bank is completely corrupt. CEO Anthony LaPaglia declares, "I'm like God with a better suit." You know you're in trouble when the guy holding your money has a God complex. It's no wonder that his customers are so found of Marmite sandwiches. There isn't much else they can afford.

Bank from The Goonies - The Goonies

The Goon Docks Federal Trust aren't so much evil. But they are total whores. At the outset of The Goonies, the entire neighborhood is set to be demolished to make way for a country club expansion. Then at the film's conclusion, the bank breaks their ties with the country club when they are presented with a pouch of One Eyed Willy's rich stuff. Total whores. They don't even care where they get it from.

The Bank of Evil - Despicable Me

Of course evil scientists and super-villains have their own banks. Think about it. They make their living robbing banks, but where are they going to put those stacks? Back in the bank that they just robbed? Also, this is a perfect way for them to dodge the IRS. It's expensive to be a villain and their tax paperwork is a nightmare. Especially evil scientists. There's just so many write-offs.

The IBBC - The International

The IBBC from The International is essentially a flesh and blood version of Despicable Me's Bank of Evil. They cater to organized crime and corrupt governments and even do a little arms brokering. PLUS they murder their opponents and cut off your pinky finger if you make an ATM transaction with another bank.

Nantucket Bank - One Crazy Summer

The bank from One Crazy Summer is greedy and easily-bought when it fall under the control of the wealthy Beckersted family. They're even willing to put an old man out of his house. Dick move, bank. They can join the Man from Nantucket in sucking it.

Mrs. Ruby Deagle - Gremlins

Mrs. Deagle epitomized evil as the tyrannical bank owner in Gremlins. She hated people. She hated dogs. She hated Christmas. And she also hated walking up stairwells. I can't blame her for that, but still, what a B-word.