Most people dream about riding a motorcycle. Some people achieve this early in their lives, while others take a while to compose themselves before riding on these death traps. But then sometimes, there is a helping hand out there that can push them onto the back of their cycle like these seven motorcycle movies that will leave you craving the open road.

"Wild Hogs"

Let's face it-traveling with William H. Macy, John Travolta and Martin Lawrence would probably get a little bit annoying after a while. Lawrence tries too hard, Macy is a bit too quiet, and anything you say about Travolta is libelous. "Wild Hogs" is a pretty terrible movie, but it has some shots of the above trio riding that would make anyone think they'd look better doing it.


In the mid-eighties, "Tron" was seen as one of the most futuristic movies ever created. Now it just looks a little weird. However, the light cycle still looks like a really cool and sexy automobile that would allow you to pick up plenty of chicks.

"Terminator 2"

Poor old John Connor. All he wants to do is get on with his life and then save the entire world. "Terminator 2" sees him come against the T-1000, which is able to turn into pretty much anything he damn pleases. And what does Arnie use to hide from him? A Harley Davidson Fatboy that makes him look amazing.


Apparently, London in 1965 was a pretty boring place, but that's only if you didn't know where it was swinging. The only way that Phil Daniels' Jimmy is able to get through the day is by hanging with his fellow Mods and cruising the streets on his scooter. It sounds rubbish, but looks pretty cool.

"Easy Rider"

"Easy Rider" is the movie that inspired every other motorbike film. Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper drive across the United States and in so doing, inspired pretty much everyone who saw it to do the same. It looked that damn good!

"Mad Max"

This Australian dystopia shows that society has declined to the point where death, murder and violence populates the highways. Mel Gibson rides a Toecutter throughout the movie, and Oz's picturesque landscape makes the world seem like a beautiful place.

"The Wild One"

Brando has never been cooler as the leader of a gang that invades a small US town. He is the ultimate rebel whose Thunderbird bike is loud, proud and ready to seduce. Seriously, if you were to ride this bike around town, there would be no way that gals wouldn't fall in love with you.