Just in time for Tintin, there's a considerable amount of Oscar buzz surrounding Andy Serkis and his performance in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Fox is mounting a huge campaign to push for a nomination for the actor's motion capture performance of Caesar the chimpanzee. While there is an argument as to whether or not a motion capture performance should be eligible for an "acting" award, there is one thing you can't deny. Andy Serkis is really good at acting like a monkey.

Motion capture strips an actor of their identity and allows them to invent a character completely from scratch. Serkis knows this and has spent a good part of his career honing these abilities. He's at least deserving of recognition for his accomplishments. These other guys, not so much.

Tom Hanks - The Polar Express

Tom Hanks finally shed his nice guy image with his performance in Robert Zemeckis's The Polar Express. Once regarded as the nicest man in Hollywood, the multiple Academy Award winner is now known as a dead-eyed, clammy-skinned abductor of children. Look at the stern, cold reserve in those eyes. You don't want that climbing into your son's room in the middle of the night.

Sam Worthington - Avatar

Though Avatar was a huge leap forward for 3D and motion capture technology, it was criticized for its weak plot and acting. A lot of the hate was directed at the film's lead, Sam Worthington. I feel that this was unfair. He played a pretty convincing paraplegic turned giant cat person and he hardly even slipped back into an Australian accent. Still, the movie wasn't exactly Ishtar.

Ang Lee - The Hulk

Comic book fans were brimming with excitement when Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon director Ang Lee was attached to direct The Hulk. However, that excitement was doused with disappointment when the final film featured giant, roided-out poodles and an electric version of Nick Nolte. Other criticisms were that the film was too quiet and introspective for summer audiences. Which was a drag because there were parts that were pretty cool, like The Hulk smashing tanks and throwing them at fighter jets. Lee insisted that he mo-cap himself for those scenes. Can't say I blame him. Breaking stuff is cool.

Kevin Bacon - Hollow Man

In this spin on classic haunted house tales, Kevin Bacon plays a scientist who loses his soul when experimenting with invisibility. Realizing that he doesn't have to look at himself in the mirror anymore, his ego goes off the charts and he succumbs to the temptation of acting like a total perv. God forbid this technology ever fall into the hands of Brett Ratner.

Bacon's performance was spooky and the special effects were okay, but the movie suffered from bad writing and poor casting. Even Marlon Brando would deserve a Razzie in this role.

Jim Carrey - A Christmas Carol

Another great actor falls victim to Zemeckis's obsession with the Uncanny Valley. Not learning his lesson with The Polar Express, Zemeckis took another crack at motion capture with A Christmas Carol. This time, he dragged Jim Carrey down by casting him as the crotchety Ebenezer Scrooge. This film would have been better-received if they relied on traditional make-up as opposed to going the motion capture route. You can't be putting these unblinking corpses on screens in front of children, and you certainly shouldn't be doing it in 3D.

Ryan Reynolds - The Green Lantern

The Green Lantern suffered from bad word of mouth before anyone even had the chance to see it. Early trailers with unfinished graphics were enough to sink its chances at the box office. Given that your main character is essentially all motion capture, it's ballsy to advertise a project like this before you have the imagery in a good place. Ryan Reynold's head is lucky to even be working again after this flop.

Dan Fogler - Mars Needs Moms

Mars Needs Moms
really didn't do well at the theaters which is a difficult feat for a children's movie. Kids will watch anything. Where was the disconnect here? I say it was in the animation style itself. The creepy hybrid of real life and cartoon design left the characters looking plastic-coated and wooden in their movements. Why even force the actors into ping-pong ball suits if you're going to make them move like the animatronics at Epcot Center?

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