7 Mostly-Dumb Instances Of White Actors Rapping

Wednesday, December 7 by

Warren Beatty – Bulworth

There will always going be traces of irony in any rap performances by white guys whose names don’t rhyme with “treminem,” but the Bulworth raps, which are the fundamental concept of the film, are the least ironic on this list. This is a guy who is so repulsed by everything he has stood for as a white politician that he swings the pendulum the other way, representing the ideas of a marginalized class.

Sure, it’s ironic, but it’s irony with a purpose, rather than irony for the sake of “I can’t believe that white guy went there!”

Justin Timberlake – Friends with Benefits

This scene is a dangerous union of irony, nostalgia, and Justin Timberlake’s dreamboat charm. I feel queasy. If Justin Timberlake can’t even pull off a musical number without it feeling completely contrived, then its utilization represents perhaps too heavy of a hand. He should avoid this low-hanging fruit (which the film had in spades) and go back to singing about how much Britney Spears sucks.

Let’s ALL put out albums about how Britney Spears let us down. Mine is gonna be called Sob Me A Creek.

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