7 Mostly-Dumb Instances Of White Actors Rapping

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So fresh. So clean. 

It’s one thing to lean on something uncharacteristic for comedy. It plays against type, serves as a shock to the viewer, and often offers an amusing juxtaposition. Unless of course, you’re having a white actor bust into a rap for the sake of all the 37 year-old receptionists that will reflexively squawk, “I can’t believe they went there!” That’s not funny. That’s not even humor. Nonetheless, films and TV have long been in the business of “surprising” audiences with familiar stuff they’ve seen before, and this “rapping cracker” business has become old hat.

Here are a few of the most glaring instances. A few work on a deeper level, but most don’t. If any of these scenes are personal favorites of yours, I’m sorry. Sorry you have bad taste.

Ok. The 30 Rock one is pretty damn funny.

Chris Cooper – The Muppets

Sadly, no video is available for this one yet, but Chris Cooper, who plays a humorless oilman in the puppet film, breaks into a rap entitled “Let’s Talk About Me.” There are video vixens, crazy-phresh lyrics, and, most importantly…CHRIS COOPER RAPPING. While it’s certainly an irreverent scene by Muppet standards, the oddness of it all works. It’s weird, but not in a desperate or incomprehensible fashion. It’s just pretty interesting.

I thought about tagging this with a “spoiler alert,” but figured those diehard Muppet fans that would get upset by this have all seen the movie by now. If that’s not the case, I’m sorry I ruined his ironic rap.

Ellen Dow – The Wedding Singer

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