7 Most Awkward Thanksgiving Dinners From Film and Television

Monday, November 21 by
What do these guys even talk about at Thanksgiving dinner? Darfur?  

It’s unlikely that holiday meals are ever as awkward as they are constantly depicted in films and on television. Almost every Thanksgiving movie seems to offer unrelenting tension and scorn between characters, until, at the very end, everyone realizes, “Hey. Family.” and decides to not hate each other anymore.

As trite as the convention is, it doesn’t cheapen the general discomfort that accompanies these movies, either due to conflict or the fact that the characters are awful. Generally both.

If you’re concerned that your Thanksgiving holiday will be too pleasant and conflict-free, take solace in these films, which will show you what Hollywood really thinks turkey day is about.

Scent of a Woman

This doesn’t require too much explanation. Any dinner that includes a brutal fight and use of the dreaded “C-Word” is going to make this list. Throw in the fact this dinner has not one, but two serial killers at the table, and you can’t get much more awkward without involving incest.

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