7 Mistakes Made By ‘Friday The 13th’ Characters

Thursday, October 27 by

Playing Pranks

It might seem like a funny prank to startle your friends by sneaking up on them while wearing a scary mask. DON’T. If there’s one thing killers hate, it’s the funny guy. Chandler Bing wouldn’t last twelve minutes at Crystal Lake. Plus, you don’t want Jason to think you’re making fun of him. That’s a one way trip to getting your arm chopped off and stuffed up your butt.

Acting Douchey

Hey, leave the attitude at home. Okay, guy? The last thing you want to do is wander into this setting and act like a complete knob. Please limit your taunting of locals, drifters, and those you feel beneath you. This might get you attention at the frat house, but it will only get you impaled on a jagged length of rebar in a Friday the 13th movie.

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