7 Memorable Movie Whiskey Drinkers

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I'm drunk right now. 

This Friday marks the 5th annual Whiskyfest San Francisco. In honor of the event (and in order to secure my editor a press pass), we’ve compiled some of the finest whiskey drinkers Hollywood has to offer.

In our opinion, whiskey is a much more thoughtful drink than many others. Vodka may be more suave, gin more sophisticated, but whiskey is and has always been portrayed as… honest. No one drinks a gin gimlet when they’re troubled. Well, Ryan Seacrest might, but that’s about it.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at seven memorable movie whiskey drinkers. And for more information on WhiskyFest San Francisco, click here.

7 Paul Finch – American Pie

Even in high school, Paul Finch thought beer was for cretins and preferred something more sophisticated: single-malt scotch. His refined taste in alcoholic beverages came in handy, and he was able to convince Stifler’s mom to have a drink.

“Aged eighteen years. The way I like it.”

6. Lt. Archie Hicox – Inglorious Basterds

While masquerading as a German in a French bar, Lt. Archie Hicox gets called out by a German officer, Major Hellstrom. Rather than panicking, he keeps his composure and informs the Nazi bastard that he would like to finish his scotch before the bloody resolution, because, as he so artfully puts it, “There’s a special rung in hell reserved for people who waste good scotch. Seeing as how I may be rapping on the door momentarily…”

And with that, he downs his scotch shortly before a lot of people get sent to hell.

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