Hollywood really loves the beach. Maybe it's the fact that they can save on lighting costs. Maybe it's because of the beautiful scenery that comes with the beach. Or maybe it's all the men and women running around half-naked. No matter the reason, the beach has been the setting for many memorable scenes from movies. This list compiles seven of the most noteworthy beach scenes, so bust out your Coppertone and get ready to soak up some rays!

"Rocky III".

Granted, in retrospect this scene is little fruity, but that's looking at it through the jaded eyes of the new millennium. When the movie came out, it was just about two dudes celebrating Rocky's newfound zeal for living after the death of his manager. Rocky mopes around for months following Mickey's demise, and finally, through the magic of Apollo's new regiment, Rocky gets his mojo back.

"Chariots of Fire".

This scene, with the moving title theme in the background, has been shown and lampooned countless times. The scene sets the stage for the tale to come, that of two Olympic runners who compete for different reasons. No matter the fact that the composer, a Greek man known as Vangelis, likely lifted a lot of the song from another piece known as "Violets"; those accusations do nothing to diminish this iconic scene's enduring image as an inspirational tool for athletes everywhere.


Given that almost the whole movie takes place on or near a beach, you can take your pick among many great "Jaws" scenes. But the scene in which Alex Kitner gets devoured courtesy of a great white gets the nod as the most memorable beach scene. The close-up on Chief Brody as he realizes what's going on, the mass exodus of the bathers, and Mrs. Kitner's too-late search for her departed son all make this moment stand out in cinema history.

"Dr. No".

Ursula Andress is beautiful. Her iconic scene where she wades through the surf onto the beach in front a sleeping James Bond is like a fantasy come true for many men. What guy wouldn't want to take a snooze on a beach paradise and wake up to see a gorgeous woman walking towards him? This scene is later revisited, only with Daniel Craig in place of Ursula Andress, giving all the ladies in the crowd something to gawk at.

"Beach Blanket Bingo".

No compilation of the most memorable beach scenes would be complete without a nod to this sun-drenched 1965 beach film. Starring Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, this movie was catnip for the kids back in the days before the British invasion. The kids are wild, but in a totally wholesome, PG way, even if Annette has some guys thinking of more PG-13 kinds of things. The best scene is Donna Loren singing "It Only Hurts When I Cry".

"Kiss Me Deadly".

Though not necessarily a beach movie, this classic film noir's climax takes place at a secluded beach house. A woman is tied up, while a nefarious nuclear scientist and his employee fight for the contents of a mysterious suitcase. Sadly, the doc's work was in there, and that doesn't mean his paperwork. Radioactive material is inside the suitcase, which begins to react, incinerating the whole beach house. The fire reflects off the sandy beach and the night sky, making for a very enduring image.

"Top Gun".

As Kenny Loggins' "Hangin' With the Boys" blares in the background, four cadets at Top Gun academy play volleyball. These guys are in an intense naval combat flight program for the best pilots in America. You'd figure they'd be studying or practicing, but no. In fact, Tom Cruise makes time for a lot of stuff that isn't really related to his training, including romancing one of his instructors. But still, the beach volleyball scene is a favorite of many children of the 1980s, so it deserves its spot on the list of the most memorable beach scenes.