There will be no shortage of film and television inspired costumes this Halloween. We can already guess who we'll see -- Bane, Batman, The Avengers, Spider-Man, Katniss Everdeen, and Optimus Prime. However, what are the least popular film-inspired Halloween costumes. Costumes that either no one will understand or both to put the effort into creating. They are these. These are those costumes that nobody would lift a finger to create or acknowledge.

Jeffrey Jones

Not Jeffrey Jones's character from Ferris Bueller. Not Jeffrey Jones's character from Beetlejuice. Not even Jeffrey Jones's character from Stay Tuned. Just Jeffrey Jones the guy.

Toby from Paranormal Activity

We just don't have the technology to pull off invisible. Yet.

Ang Lee's Hulk

The Hulk was the breakout star from this summer's The Avengers and you'll likely see many green, roided out trick r' treaters. However, they'll all have the pouty lips and puppy dog eyes of Mark Ruffalo. It's very unlikely that you'll see Ang Lee's Hulk out this Halloween. Even at hipster parties.

Captain Barack Sparrow

I'm mad that I just thought this one up. Otherwise, I would have totally made this my costume.

Eugene Levy's Character from Bringing Down the House

If this were Halloween 2003, maybe. But this is 2012 and after 15 American Pie spin-offs and sequels, America has reached its Eugene Levy saturation point. It's going to take a heck of a Christopher Guest film to reverse that.

Mac & Me

You might get points for creativity and willingness to think outside of the box, but you are absolutely not getting any ass. Unless you're already in need of a wheelchair. In which case, very creative!

Anyone From Prometheus

Too soon. Too soon. You'd be better off going as a character from Innocence of Muslims.