7 Least Believable Moments In Football Films

Monday, January 30 by

Any Given Sunday – Eyeball Scene

Oliver Stone‘s Any Given Sunday subjects us to a really gruesome scene. A pile-up on the field leads to one player having his eyeball gouged out. Though it’s not completely impossible, it’s really doubtful that this would ever happen in real life. Especially to Eli Manning. During the Super Bowl. Because there is no God.

Not Another Teen Movie – Special Ed Student Ripped In Half

Eyeball gouging is pretty gory, but do you know what’s really grotesque? A Special Ed student being ripped in half by the opposing team. This is a clear work of fiction as it’s not possible to tear somebody in half in such a way. If it were, Jackass would have done it by now.

The Last Boy Scout – Tae Bo Guy Shoots Players

The most memorable scene from The Last Boy Scout is actually the opening scene when Billy Blanks runs the field, shooting defenders at point blank range as he does. Even Plaxico Burress would agree that’s pretty extreme.

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