Chances are that you've seen a football game in your life that could only be described as unbelievable. We usually reserve this classification for feats of amazing sportsmanship, but in the case of Hollywood movies, sometimes "unbelievable" just means incredibly stupid. In the long history of sports highlights and sports films, there is no shortage of those, as well. Here's hoping that Super Bowl XLVI will be the former, or at the very least, that the commercials are good.

Here are the least believable football scenes in cinema history.

The Program - Game Winning Play

This gritty look at the inside world of college football did very little to associate itself with realism or the rules of the game. This is blatantly on display when hotshot quarterback Joe Kane is able to score a game-winning touchdown despite the fact that he throws an incomplete pass.

The Dark Knight Rises - Field Crumbles

The film isn't in theaters yet but from what we saw in the trailer, we have some pretty ridiculous events ahead of us. The scene in question concerns a professional football game literally crashed by Bane. The villian rigs the field for demolition and blows it up during game play. However, instead of multiple explosions sending dirt and athlete everywhere, the field actually caves in with the players falling to their doom. That's one way to fix a game, but pretty unbelievable.

Any Given Sunday - Eyeball Scene

Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday subjects us to a really gruesome scene. A pile-up on the field leads to one player having his eyeball gouged out. Though it's not completely impossible, it's really doubtful that this would ever happen in real life. Especially to Eli Manning. During the Super Bowl. Because there is no God.

Not Another Teen Movie - Special Ed Student Ripped In Half

Eyeball gouging is pretty gory, but do you know what's really grotesque? A Special Ed student being ripped in half by the opposing team. This is a clear work of fiction as it's not possible to tear somebody in half in such a way. If it were, Jackass would have done it by now.

The Last Boy Scout - Tae Bo Guy Shoots Players

The most memorable scene from The Last Boy Scout is actually the opening scene when Billy Blanks runs the field, shooting defenders at point blank range as he does. Even Plaxico Burress would agree that's pretty extreme.

The Waterboy - Violent Outbursts Ignored

Let's ignore the facts that a waterboy was allowed to join the team and that the coach suffered from paranoid delusions. The real issue here is that Bobby Boucher attacked a professor right in the front of the classroom. Certainly that display of violence cannot be condoned by the university. Football star or no. He'd have had his ass thrown out of school.

Air Bud: Golden Receiver - It's a F***ing Dog

The officials were asleep at the wheel with this one. How are they going to allow a dog to play a sport with humans? They have an unfair advantage when it comes to running and catching. Also, it's a good idea not to keep dogs around football players. It's only lead to trouble in the past.

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