7 Laziest Television Stereotypes

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2. The Jersey Shore Crew – Jersey Shore

Can a reality TV show serve as a stereotypical representation, considering that the characters are real? I mean, they weren’t written this one-dimensionally, they ARE this one-dimensional.

I’m not going on a crusade to demand that sluts and guidos get a fair shake in the media, but is anyone really this ridiculous? Because if MTV is playing up the personalities and d-bag qualities of the stars and purporting them to be “real,” that’s far worse than any other transgression on this list.

The characters are shown to be sex-crazed, STD-laden, orange muscleheads that divide their time equally between making out fighting, and drinking. It’s like a 1950’ high school.

1. Frasier and Niles Crane – Frasier

Intellectuals seem to get railroaded more than any other group on this list. Between Jessie Spano, the nerds on Big Bang Theory, and the brothers Crane, it seems as though smart people are insufferable fancy lads, joyless, or nerds, which isn’t true. Sometimes (not often) smart people can be dynamic, fun, and sexy.

But if you’re in the Frasier universe, that doesn’t happen. Rather, you talk about German operas, frisee salads, and have no sense of casual conversation. We’ve seen the connotation that “smart” means “pussy” for a long time on TV shows. While one could argue things have evolved past pocket protectors and wedgies, Frasier and Niles would lead us to believe that they haven’t evolved that far past pocket protectors and wedgies.

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