7 Last Minute Movie Halloween Costume Ideas From Screen Junkies

Friday, October 28 by

Human Centipede – The Human Centipede

If you’re into group costumes and you’re looking to win top prize, this is the hands down winner. The Human Centipede! You can easily put this together. All that you need is an absence of shame, some close friends, and a couple feet of gauze. It would be difficult to drink while wearing, though.

The Thing – The Thing

This one could be a little more involved than the others, but it allows you to take some artistic license and really make it your own. Simply go to your closet and find some wire hangers. Untwist them and bend them around your body and neck, leaving the ends sticking out at strange angles. Now, grab some hot dogs, cold cuts, and other meat products from your fridge (or a friend’s fridge) and impale them on the wire. TA-DA!! You’re instantly a walking monstrosity.

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