7 Last Minute Movie Halloween Costume Ideas From Screen Junkies

Friday, October 28 by

Nerd GhostHalloween

Here’s one that I’m debating wearing myself. A cool twist on an old classic, take a white sheet and adorn it with some nerdy, 1970’s eyeglasses (you can find these wherever hipster supplies are sold). Viola! You’re instantly Michael Myers after he steals Bob’s costume and kills Linda Trojan Horse style.

Skeleton in a Hoodie – Donnie Darko

You can easily become Halloween night Donnie Darko by combining a common grey hoodie with a partial skeleton costume. It’s important to accessorize and the hoodie provides the little bit of casual oomph to make a pretty badass costume.

Emma Frost – X-Men: First Class

Ladies, all you have to do to pull off one of the most talked about film characters this year is take off your clothes. Simply strip down to your underwear and you’re instantly January Jones as X-Men: First Class’s Emma Frost. You won’t even have to emote or try to create a character. Should showing this amount of skin make you uncomfortable, you can also be SNL Host January Jones and  wear a cute outfit while screwing up jokes.

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