7 Kinds Of Nerds You Will See At A Midnight Movie

Wednesday, December 28 by Joseph Gibson

laser pointer guy

The Clown This guy basically wants to be The Comedian – he wants to be funny and have lots of people thinking the same. The trouble is, instead of being clever, he’s just an idiot. Nine times out of ten he will have a laser pointer in his pocket, but you’ll never see it used as soon as management says anything (AKA when it would actually be funny). He’ll also probably shout something at the screen, but his jokes will be met with complete silence. Kind of satisfying to hear, actually.


The Inspector With a seriousness worthy of The Scholar, the only thing The Inspector cares about is the quality of the image and sound being projected. You’re lucky if you have this guy in the audience, because if there’s even a hint of blurriness on the screen, he’ll be sure to complain to the projectionist about it. So you’re guaranteed to have a good show!

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