7 Kinds Of Nerds You Will See At A Midnight Movie

Wednesday, December 28 by Joseph Gibson


The Fanboy This guy is distinguished most easily by his clothing, which matches the movie being shown in some way. That could range from a “Batman” T-shirt at a “Batman” movie to being dressed as Batman—cape, cowl, fully-functioning utility belt, you name it. And unlike the more reasonable Scholar, The Fanboy has probably already formed a concrete opinion about the movie, especially if he hasn’t seen it yet.


The Comedian This guy’s at the opposite end of the spectrum from The Fanboy and The Scholar in that he steadfastly and uniformly refuses to take anything before him seriously. Additionally, he’s only there to sharpen his verbal wit, which he will demonstrate by shouting wisecracks at the screen. It’s really annoying and the only redeeming factor of The Comedian is that he’s actually funny, unlike:

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