7 Kinds Of Nerds You Will See At A Midnight Movie

Wednesday, December 28 by Joseph Gibson

movie theater

Midnight movies are a risky proposition. Sure, you get to see a cool movie before anyone else does (or a cult favorite or classic on the big screen with an enthused audience), but you might run into parking trouble, you have to stay up late, all the bars will be closed by the time you get out, etc. And then there are your fellow audience members: The seven kinds of nerds you often encounter at midnight movies. So here’s a helpful guide to just those nerds; Good luck!


The Scholar This is the dude that’s not in this for fun, or to make friends. He’s a serious student of cinema, and you can tell by his bulky clothing, lack of concern about his appearance, a proclivity for taking notes, and sometimes a disproportionately hot girlfriend. But don’t be intimidated by his seriousness—if you strike up a conversation with him, you’re likely to learn all kinds of interesting tidbits about the movie you’re about to watch, and every other movie with the same director of photography.

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