7 Instances Of Good Directors Choosing Very Bad Sequels And Remakes

Thursday, February 16 by

Joel Schumacher – Batman Forever and Batman and Robin

With a resume that lists Flatliners (underrated, btw), Falling Down, Veronica Guerin, and Phone Booth (also underrated), Joel Schumacher of making some fairly solid Hollywood fare with great names behind them. Well, the follow-ups to Tim Burton’s Batman movies were NOT solid Hollywood fare. In fact, they were terrible.

Terrible in spite of (or due to) the presence of Uma Thurman, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Drew Barrymore, Chris O’Donnell, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney. That’s a lot of talent to be involved in the worst things I’ve ever seen in my life.

Now, it may appear that Schumacher’s best work is behind him, but that certainly wasn’t the case when he took on those stinkers.

Michael Mann – Miami Vice

This is an odd entry only because Mann was directing an adaptation of a TV series that he helped create. One would think there would be no better man for the job, but the 2006 adaptation demonstrated that perhaps the franchise should have been left in the past.

Gone was the whimsy and flash of the dated original, replaced by more modern-day Mann hallmarks, like loud electronic music and dark everything. Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx are solid actors, but Don Johnson would have been better in this film. Hell, Philip Michael Thomas would have been better in this film.

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