7 Instances Of Good Directors Choosing Very Bad Sequels And Remakes

Thursday, February 16 by

David Fincher – Alien 3

Sure, Fincher was cutting his teeth on this one, having made the transition from music videos to features,, so we can’t fault him for the selection. With Alien 3, Fincher got a grand debut, but he was also set for failure, helming a sequel six years after the lauded Aliens.

As a raw, but immensely talented director, I would have liked to see Fincher go in a different direction a la Aronofsky’s Pi and just fuck with our minds. Ultimately, I guess Alien 3 fucked with our minds a little, but not in a good way.

Roland Emmerich – Godzilla

Roland Emmerich may not be a “good” director in the conventional sense, but his bombastic movies (almost) always serve as a good time, from Independence Day to 2012. Godzilla was NOT a good time. It was a terrible film that starred Matthew Broderick.

Tip to blockbuster film producers: Avoid Matthew Broderick. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Ratner.

Tim Burton – Planet of the Apes

Tim Burton has burned through a lot of the goodwill he established early in his career with off-the-mark remakes and adaptations, and that trend seems to have started with his remake of Planet of the Apes, an ironically-enjoyed Charlton Heston film, that starred Mark Wahlberg in the Heston role, and Oscar winner Helena Bonham Carter in monkey make-up.

It was too straight to play as camp, and the premise was probably too awful to exceed as drama or action. So…we’re left with a bland remake by perhaps the most stylized director working today.

Thanks, Tim. Thanks, Apes.

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