The battle between man and animal is perpetual and ongoing. Unfortunately for the animals, it's the humans that make most of the movies on the subject, so the overwhelming majority of man vs. animal fights in movies end up with the human as the victor. We're nothing if not a charitable species, though - take for example these seven movie human vs animal fights in which man lost.

Quint vs. Bruce, "Jaws"

The shark (nicknamed "Bruce" by director Steven Spielberg) in "Jaws" is a deadly predator who prefers to snack on unwitting humans hanging out at the beach. But there's at least one man who gives the shark a decent fight - Robert Shaw's Quint, the eccentric sailor who makes it a personal vendetta to bring down the shark. Instead, he ends up as meat dangling from the shark's teeth, which is almost as good, right?

Humanity vs The Birds, "The Birds"

It might not seem like a fair fight at first - after all, humans have weaponry, intelligence, and technology at their disposal, while all birds have are their beaks. Oh, and overwhelming numbers. And the end of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" seems to imply that while humanity had a good run, it's time for the birds to take over.

Ellen Ripley vs a Xenomorphic Dog, "Alien3"

The monsters in "Alien" and "Aliens" are at least part human, thanks to the alien's proclivity for forced (and lethal) mating. But in the third entry in the series, there's a twist: The monster attacking Ripley sprang out of a dog, and it has the ferocity and speed to match. The movie ends with Ripley plunging into a giant vat of molten metal in order to kill the last of the aliens, but since there was another sequel we can probably call it a "loss" for Ripley.

Captain Ahab vs Moby Dick, "Moby Dick"

Herman Melville's iconic novel was adapted for the screen by Ray Bradbury and John Huston, but not even those famous humans could change the tide of the battle - Ahab is dragged under the sea by the object of his obsession - the white whale, Moby Dick. Dick went on to star in a Hanna Barbera cartoon - to the victor go the spoils.

The Crockett Family vs The Frogs (And Other Creatures), "Frogs"

Not all human vs animal fights are over quickly. In the environmentalist thriller "Frogs," the rich southern family headed up by Ray Milland wages a longstanding war against the creatures surrounding their Florida mansion. The frogs (and snakes and toads and God knows what else) eventually pull out the victory, though, in the bloodiest way they can.

Patua vs A Swarm of Flies, "Phenomena"

Here's an interesting case - the flies in "Phenomena" are actually attacking the savage, deformed Patua on behalf of Jennifer Connelly, who has the supernatural ability to communicate with insects. The grisly battle between Patua and the flies isn't easily forgotten - as they chew away big chunks of his face before he falls in the water and drowns.

Dennis Nedry vs Dilophosaurus, "Jurassic Park"

When considering the fighting denizens of the animal kingdom, let's not forget those extinct animals, the dinosaurs. One of the most memorable human vs dinosaur matchups in the movie is between Dennis "Newman from Seinfeld" Nedry and a Dilophosaurus, who Newman underestimates due to his small size. Wrong decision, as Newman finds out the hard way after getting sprayed with acid and then mauled to death. TKO.