7 Horrible Cross-Dressing Comedies That Might Be Worse Than ‘Jack & Jill’

Monday, November 7 by

The Associate

Whoopi Goldberg stars as a stock brocker frustrated with the sexism and racism preventing her from moving forward. She, in turn, creates the fake persona of an old white man and takes Wall Street by storm, and after revealing her true identity, opens a success firm and employs all her friends.

This film should serve as an inspiration to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Change has to happen from the inside. Not from the drum circle a few blocks away. I propose we all get creepy Marlon Brando (or Val Kilmer from some angles) masks and occupy from within. It will be a very funny stunt at the very least.

Connie and Carla

As is the popular reaction to viewing a mafia slaying, two friends decide to hide out in drag. But there’s a bit of a twist. Nia Vardalos and Toni Collette take things a step further by playing women disguised as not just men, but drag queens. Redundant.

White Chicks

In order to thwart a kidnapping plot, FBI agents The Wayan Brothers go undercover as two pampered heiresses in the Hamptons. Hijinks ensue, of course, as cliche sitcom situations develop from the agents methods. But mostly, brains are scarred from the sight of Shawn and Marlon in that makeup. I was less messed up by The Thing than this.

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