Holiday movies can be cute, funny, and even criminal. But when does a person say a holiday movie beats their actual, real-life holiday? Probably when Hollywood comes along and gives the holidays a glossy coat of paint and an injection of wacky shenanigans. Real life tends to not be so over-the-top, and that's why we love a good holiday cinematic romp. Check out these seven holiday movies and live vicariously through them


"Elf" made 2003 movie magic just with the star alone. Will Ferrell plays Buddy Hobbs, a human who thinks he's an elf. In the movie Santa decides to tell Buddy where he came from and he visits his only living birth parent, played by James Caan. The average super busy no-nonsense father works for a children's book company, never realizing Buddy even existed. Buddy is by definition holiday cheer. A friend like Buddy could only make your holidays better.

"While You Were Sleeping"

"While You Were Sleeping" is a cute tale that begins on Christmas Day. A woman who has a crush on a guy ends up saving his life by removing him from danger only to wake up with amnesia. The woman, played by Sandra Bullock, is mistaken for the man's fiance. The man's family welcomes her. If only one holiday would turn out where you save the man of your dreams then miraculously be engaged with him. Spoiler alert! The woman ends up marrying the man's brother.

"Trapped In Paradise"

"Trapped in Paradise" is by far one of the most comical holiday films. The entire town gathers their respectful old-fashioned ways and make three thieves feel at home. The thieves steal money from a church only to return it. Why? Because the town is so darn nice. The townspeople welcomes all strangers in their warm homes for laughter and cheer. If only all family members would act like these strangers.

"The Santa Clause"

"The Santa Claus" has a series of follow-up films but the best from the rest is always the first of the bunch. A father finds Santa gear on the lawn and tries them on for size. What's to become of him? He turns into Santa! Not only does his son get to play in Toy Land but he also takes a ride in Santa's sleigh which comes with a cocoa maker.  Not to mention the snow globe the boy has that delivers Santa when shaken. Bet you wish your holiday was as good as this kid's.

"Home Alone 2: Lost in New York"

"Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" leaves a child on another route after boarding a different plane than his family takes. Between two robbers and the snotty smart kid stands New York City. From the cutest toy store, the doves, the Christmas trees, the lights to shoppers and holiday cheer, "Home Alone 2" will ignite that Christmas spirit. Which makes viewers wish their holiday was as festive as this movie.

"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"

Clark, played by Chevy Chase, waits for a Christmas bonus between nagging family guests, snobby neighbors, and a loose squirrel, the bonus never arrives. Clark gets agitated when he becomes a member to the Jelly Club instead. Cousin Eddie bolts to the boss's house to kidnap him. It was a huge misunderstanding as the boss realizes how much of a jerk he was. Clark gets a raise and larger bonus. Which makes this film better than your holiday. How much of a holiday bonus has your boss offered?


"Scrooged" is the perfect example of the perfect holiday. Everyone could use a visit by three ghosts. Not to change their attitudes but to witness loved ones from the past, present and future. Just imagine experiencing what Frank Cross, played by Bill Murray, does. If you are missing out on traditional Christmas cheer with holiday laughs just watch this film.