When it comes to comedy, there are no shortage of shows on basic cable. However, there are only a few great comedies out there, as many of them just go through the motions of having a plot and adding jokes in where they can. It's important to know what great comedies are worth your time so you don't end up wasting a half hour watching an unfunny show. The seven shows on this list will definitely have holding your sides due to extreme bouts of laughter!

1. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

Think "Cheers" without any type of morals and you'll get "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" on FX. The main characters go on different misadventures, offending everyone, hurting themselves, and trying to prove a point about our society in a roundabout way. They usually don't prove this point, but are always hilarious. 

2. "Louie."

FX's "Louie" may be the best comedy on television in general, depending on your sense of humor. "Louie" follows a middle-aged comedian Louis C.K. as he lives out fictional comedic and often tragic parables about his life. While many people may not get it, there is a lot going on here that makes this one of the most unique comedies on basic cable.

3. "South Park."

One of the longest running, funniest, and most successful basic cable comedies ever made, "South Park" has plans to run for twenty seasons, if not more. It has been syndicated and can be found on a number of different networks each day. Somehow, the show is still original and funny, even after so many episodes.

4. "The Daily Show."

One of the most successful basic cable comedies ever, "The Daily Show" has been mocking the news culture better than anyone and has an incredibly loyal following. While there have been a number of "Daily Show" hosts, it seems as if Jon Stewart has truly found his calling as he has held the position longer than anyone. He does a damn fine job of bringing you fake news every night.

5. "Community."

Though it's fighting for it's life to stay on NBC, "Community" is one of the funniest shows on basic cable, as it revolves around ridiculous characters at a community college. However, each episode is incredibly unique in its format and its comedy goes to places that few shows can these days.

6. "Happy Endings."

One of the smarter comedies on basic cable. "Happy Endings" is the ideal show for the 20-something demo as it has edgy-yet-sweet comedy throughout. Its storyline is simple, following close friends and their day-to-day relationships, but it has some of the best writing on TV.

7. "Wilfred."

FX is trying to win the basic cable battle over comedy and their newest show "Wilfred," about a guy and his dog which is personified as a man, may put them over the top. Based on a popular UK show, "Wilfred" is definitely weird but also very funny.