Hollywood loves its stereotypes, right? Nothing makes life easier for lazy scriptwriters than to be able to reach into that big bag labeled "Stereotypes" and pull out a ready-made myopic movie character. Almost no one is spared when it comes to stereotypes (well, except heterosexual men, they get it pretty easy), but the homosexual community gets lampooned at will when it comes to movies and TV. These seven gay characters who were horrible stereotypes all do their best to set the acceptance of homosexuality back as far as possible!

Bruno, "Bruno"

If there's one thing we can take away from "Bruno," it's that apparently all gay men are sexual deviants who are so self-absorbed and fashion conscious that they will alienate everyone around them in their pursuit of all things "gay." Sacha Baron Cohen may have been deeply committed to his portrayal of the title character, but that doesn't diminish the fact that "Bruno" took every ridiculous perception about gay men and crammed them all into one very unlikable character.

Agador Spartacus, "The Birdcage"

Agador has the double-whammy of being both a gay stereotype and a Latino stereotype. So, not only does have the stereotypical lisp, he also has the stereotypical Latino pronunciation of all English words, so he gets to be doubly offensive and horrible. Apart from dancing around to Gloria Estefan and living in a pair of cutoffs, Agador finds time to cry "Ay Dio" on occasion. Truly, his character's depth knows no limits.

Mr. Slave, "South Park"

If the chaps-wearing cop from the Village People was an S&M freak, he'd be Mr. Slave. As Hollywood likes to tell you, all gay men are sex addicted freaks, and Mr. Slave from "South Park" is the freakiest of them all. He even is the "World's Biggest Whore," out-whoring Paris Hilton herself in one episode. How did he accomplish this feat? By cramming Paris, all of her, into his anus. Seriously.

Jame Gumb, "Silence of the Lambs"

See, women have the parts that gay men wish that they had. So, naturally, they want to kill women and make a suit from them. At least, that's what "Silence of the Lambs" would like you to believe. Contrary to popular belief, most gay men (and people in general) aren't into kidnapping and killing other people, but the truth never stood in the way of solid gay stereotype.

Dr. Frank N Furter, "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Gay men wear women's clothes. This indisputable fact (read: not a fact) gets some much needed attention in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Tim Curry may look pretty good in his lady clothes, but that doesn't change the fact the his character essentially reduces gay men to mincing guys who are obsessed with sex, wherever they can find it. Or manufacture it, in this case.

Scott, "Best in Show"

Christopher Guest may get a lot of attention for his work, but all of those hipster accolades can't change the fact that his writing can be as lazy as any other writer/director. Witness his movie "Best in Show," which features a gay man acting "gay," at least how movies would have you believe that gay people act. Because obviously, gay men aren't just normal dudes who happen to like other dudes; no, they live for fashion and sassy sarcasm.

Janis Ian, "Mean Girls"

It's not just gay men who get the stereotypical treatment from Hollywood. Lesbians get their share of one-note roles, too. Just take a look at any portrayal of a female gym teacher in almost any movie, ever. Or, you can look at Lizzy Caplan's role as Janis Ian in "Mean Girls." She's a rough, mean, sarcastic, and sort of butch girl, because that's what lesbians are. All of them, right? Of course, we know that's not true, but don't tell the screenwriters that, OK?