Of course we all know that drugs are bad. Just one sniff, one pill or one injection will definitely kill you. That's what everyone was taught in school anyway. But what if they weren't so bad after all? In fact, what if they gave you a rush so pure and so orgasmic that you would do anything to just carry on that rush. Who cares if you might die! Well if that's what they are like today imagine what they're going to be like in the future! As always, cinema has been one step ahead of the game and it has shown us what will be in store for junkies a few years down the line. Here are 7 movie drugs that are beyond horrifying.


Woody Allen has always had a fresh and unique perspective of the world. So his version of drugs was always likely to be a little bit crazy. In his futuristic comedy "Sleeper" his drug of choice is the orb which when touched makes you all tingly. We wonder if that explains his tendency to commit incest?

"A Clockwork Orange"

Who would have thought that milk could be so dangerous. Well if it is lined with the drugs vellocet and synthemesc and drunk in a dire bar then it is always going to taste a little different than out of a cows udder. But rather than allowing people to have a great time all this drug does is turn you into a rapist and murderer. Not sure if it is worth the hassle.

"Minority Report"

Tom Cruise? Drugs? Never! Well in Stephen Spielberg's futuristic epic we see the squeaky clean Scientologist become addicted to neuroin which you simply inhale through an asthma inhaler. Other than providing a simple high, this drug also offers the long-term advantage of allowing your children to posses psychic powers. 


Have you ever longed to make someone's head explode? Of course you have. If you have then you must be extremely jealous of the characters in "Scanners." The drug of choice of ephemerol which you ingest orally and gives you telekinetic powers that will allow you to make your nemesis' head blow up. Sounds like a dangerous/fun game.

"New Jack City"

Crack is the drug of choice in Mario Van Peebles 1991 crime drama with Wesley Snipes, Ice T and a young Chris Rock starring. Chris Rock's Pookie is a former drug addict who works undercover and looks to incriminate the Cash Money brothers who excel in drug trafficking. However Pookie soon relapses and ultimately succumbs to his addiction.

"RoboCop 2"

Nuke is an injected drug that makes you act like a crazy person. "Robocop 2" sees nuke infest the street and Cain is the primary distributor of this drug with RoboCop going on to confront the cult leader and his gang with RoboCop himself even getting himself destroyed by these thugs. But our favorite metal police officer is soon reassembled and ultimately gets his revenge.

"Prayer of the Rollerboys"

This drug in question comes in the form of a mist and happens to make you very very lazy. Sounds like most other drugs if you ask me. You ingest this drug out of a machine that looks like an IV so you just look like a terminally ill individual. So it will probably hurt your chances with the ladies.