There is nothing that caps off a great movie like a good sex scene, especially if the scene involves nudity. However, if the scene includes nudity and is funny, then the good sex scene becomes epic. Below are seven funny sex scenes that are still hot. 

Locker Room Scene in "Porky's"

Male moviegoers have to love Kim Cattrall. It seems that every movie or television character she has played has been a sex-starved female. In the first "Porky's", she plays an assistant cheerleader coach nicknamed "Lassie". At one point during the movie, she hooks up with an assistant basketball coach in the boy's locker room, where she becomes very vocal. Let's just say it does not take long for half the school to figure out how she got her nickname.  

Sexy Pool Scene in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"

One of the funniest sex scenes of all-time involves the lovely Phoebe Cates and All-American goofball, Judge Reinhold. The scene starts out with Reinhold staring at a bikini-clad Cates from a bathroom window. He then begins to do the knuckle shuffle as he fantasizes about her walking toward him as she removes her top. What makes this scene sexy and funny is not Reinhold having sex with his hand, but Cates' beautifully exposed breasts and perky red nipples. 

"I'm Coming" Scene from "American Pie"

One of the best comedies of the 90s, "American Pie" has its share of funny sex scenes. While the most talked about scene was when Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs) molested an apple pie, the funniest scene took place when Kevin Myers (Thomas Ian Nicholas) went down on Vicky Lathum (Tara Reid) while "studying" in her bedroom. Her father was about to open the door to let them know dinner was ready when she screamed, "I'm Cumming!" Luckily for the horny couple, he heard it as "I'm coming!"

Hot Bartender Sex Scene in "Bad Santa"

A Billy Bob Thornton classic, "Bad Santa" has some pretty wild sex scenes. However, the funniest scene is when a drunken Santa (Billy Bob Thornton) has sex with a hot bartender (Lauren Graham) while still wearing his Santa hat. What really puts the scene over the top is watching Graham talk dirty to Santa, who turns out to be quite the Ho! Ho! Ho!

Halle Berry in "Monster's Ball"

Many may not consider the sex scene between Billy Bob Thornton (twice on this list) and Halle Berry to be funny, but when she screeches "make me feel good," it is so out of place that it becomes comical. However, the rest of the sexy scene makes up for it when Berry shows off her beautiful ebony funbags and her voluptuous backside.

"Team America" Puppet Sex

One of the funniest sex scenes involves two puppets from the 2004 animated comedy "Team America". The scene features sex between two consenting puppets in about every position imaginable. While many may not view two puppets doing the nasty sexy, there are not too many folks who would turn down the cute blonde puppet...if they were puppets. 

"Black Swan"

One of the most depressing movies in the last ten years, "Black Swan" actually features a funny sex scene. Ballerina extraordinaire Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) is told by her instructor to go home and masturbate so she would become less frigid. Upon waking the next morning, she begins to masturbate. Before she is about to climax, she realizes her mother is sleeping on her bedroom floor.