7 Frivolous Hollywood Lawsuits

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Frat Douches vs. Borat

After a drunken appearance in Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, two fraternit brothers took issue with their inclusion in the film. The pair spouted racist and sexist comments to the camera and were alarmed to see them in the final cut. The boys allege that members of the production got them intoxicated before filming and were unclear about the film’s subject matter. They sought an injunction to stop the studio from displaying their image and likeness, along with unspecified monetary damages.

Wyrd Sisters vs. Harry Potter

When putting the pieces together for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Warner Bros approached Canadian folk band The Wyrd Sisters with a pay offer for their use of the similarly-named, fictitious band Weird Sisters. The Wyrds decided they wanted no association with the film and filed a $40 million lawsuit against the studio. The case was dismissed and the Wyrd Sisters were ordered to pay WB $140,000 in legal costs. Way to rock the free publicity.

Bee-otch Air Freshener vs. Transformers

Alia Madden (or as you may know her as The Inventor of the Bee-otch Air Fresherner) filed suit against Dreamworks after her air freshener appeared in the first Transformers film. Though she did license the design to the studio, she wasn’t aware that they were going to manufacture and sell their own. Nor did she know the design would appear in a film. What did she think would happen? Unless her license was for audio rights only, she doesn’t have much of a case.

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