Which "multi-turn circuit-racing car" movies earned an outstanding A-1 reputation for the overachieving F1 (Formula One) performance? It's not all about aerodynamics in these slick vehicles. They are fully loaded, inside and out.  Because behind each successful car movie stands the risk-worthy prop. An F1.


"Driven" (2001) 

This typical drivers block flick depends on a little outside encouragement. The movie includes a knockout cast. Sylvester Stallone and Burt Reynolds–enough said. You know Burt loves a fast red car! How fast? Watch it and find out. Buckle your seatbelt first. Stallone was spotted at various Formula One races prior to the release of this movie. Which made this movie that much more interesting for F1 enthusiasts.


"Grand Prix" (1966)

"Grand Prix" is one of those tributes to a car that goes far, in less than thirty seconds. The mid-sixties rendition of the F1 stuck in the mid-sixties film production time warp. And they are correct, the film seemed long but qualifies as interesting. The camera car for this picture? A Ford GT40. You know there's some sweet turns in that flick.


Ron Howard directs "Rush" (2013)

"Rush" is what it is. And it's not the Andy Griffith Show. Ron Howard focused on the script, written by Peter Morgan, involving the 1976 Formula One rivalry season. That's right–drama, fans, two drivers, one goal. But between all that comes the best of rewards. The best of Formula One.


"Le Mans" (1971)

Ever see France at 200 mph? Steve McQueen has, or at least the movie "Le Mans" leads one to believe. The footage was captured by a car granted access within the same race Steve McQueen's race application was denied. This one gets an "F", for "Fantastic F1" footage.


"Senna" (2011)

A film involving the sexy Brazilian Formula One legend Ayrton Senna and his experiences that span within the decade prior to his death. Sounds like a yawner, we know, until you realize that this is not your average story. Directed by Asif Kapadia, make sure to keep some tissues nearby. Spoil alert. RIP Senna.


"Speed Racer" (2008)

Speed Racer drives the Formula OneMach 6, and sometimes takes his brother's Mach 5 for a spin. We all can't be born into a family of animation. How fast is Speed Racer? We don't know, maybe 250 mph. Judging by the passing track at high speeds, Speedy is in it to win it. Look at him go!


"Iron Man II"

Back in black? No, make that blue–a blue bombshell. The writers of "Iron Man II" really aimed to please in this sequel. Blue and white, white and blue, the entire rundown of the brute cockpit, distracts anyone from the dangers that were designed ahead. There's nothing like a great cast, a well written script and the perfect props–like a Formula One car.  Thank you!