7 Films That Cheat The Aging Process

Friday, October 28 by

Boyz N the Hood

John Singleton found the secret to halting the effects of aging in 1991’s Boyz N the Hood. Cuba Gooding Jr. stars as a young man coming of age amidst gang violence in South Central Los Angeles. Laurence Fishburne, who is seven years older than Gooding Jr., plays his father. However, the film never explains the age issue and doesn’t present any other science fiction themes. If Singleton was trying to comment on over-population, he could have hammered his point home just a tad more.


A group of senior citizens experience a renewed youth of sorts when they go skinny dipping with some aliens in a swimming pool charged with lifeforce. This allows them to feel younger, stronger, and happier. I’m not quite sure why an old person would want to be young again. Granted, less wrinkly balls and such. But what about all of the responsibilities they’d have to face again. If I had a choice between going to work for a living or staring at a wall and/or John Wayne movies, I’d take the life in the home. It sounds so restful.

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