7 Films That Cheat The Aging Process

Friday, October 28 by


The Highlander are a race of nearly-immortal warriors who, unfortunately, are forced to kill one another. They can only be killed by decapitation, at which point their power is transferred to their killer. When there is only one remaining, that Highlander will become mortal and be able to have children. That’s a pretty sh*tty trade-off.


Thanks to some advanced leaps in technology, the wealthy can live forever in the world of Freejack. They simply need to find a healthy body in the past, steal it via time travel, kill it, and then transfer their conscience into it. It’s easy peasy, lemon-squeezy when you stop to think about it.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Born with a condition that causes him to age in reverse, Benjamin Button is born an elderly man and dies as an infant. This makes his death all the more tragic. Babies are so cute. This disease has got to really suck in particular. Yes, you can buy beer for the hot girls in your class, but there’s no way they’re letting you put your old man hands on them.

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