7 Films That Cheat The Aging Process

Friday, October 28 by
This future dystopia is easy on the eyes. 

In Time features a future society where the aging gene is switched off at 25 years. Once you hit that age, you have one remaining year to live. Time has essentially become the currency and should you be able to afford it, you can purchase more time. But if time is the currency, how can you use time to buy time and why do I have a headache suddenly. Ouch.

I dunno. Sounds pretty weird. A similar concept was famously done with Logan’s Run, but aging and immortality have been popular themes in science-fiction and fantasy. These seven films all approach age and immortality in their own unique way.

Logan’s Run

In Logan’s Run, the future is devoid of sucky old people taking forever to climb the stairs. This is thanks to an advanced computer that controls the population by decreeing all humans be vaporized before they turn thirty. To ensure no oldsters crash the party, everyone is born with a Lifeclock crystal in the palm of their hand. When it changes color, it’s disintegration time.


Diagnosed with an extreme case of Werner’s syndrome, Jack Powell ages four times at faster than average children. Causing him to be born after a ten week pregnancy and having to shave by the time he enters 1st Grade. If that weren’t bad enough, he’s closed off to the outside world save for his parents and Bill Cosby. That would mess any kid up.

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