7 Films Shot In Real Time Like ‘Silent House’

Friday, March 9 by


This film tells four stories that all take place at the same time. Each quarter of the screen features one continuous take that follows characters as they come into contact with one another while trying to plan a film shoot. The dialogue was mostly improvised, but also shot fifteen times over the period of a few weeks. The director‘s favorite takes were selected for the final product. It would hurt my head to plan something like this. Then again, my version would have a lot of explosions and lasers and such.


Alfed Hitchcock’s classic is most famous for being told in real time via long, continuous takes. At the time, camera loads only held eleven minutes worth of film, so Hitchcock had to plan his shots meticulously as to not create any seams in the final edit. It’s a very cool technique that Brian DePalma has tried to copy several times since. Sorry. I mean “Pay homage.”

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