7 Films Shot In Real Time Like ‘Silent House’

Friday, March 9 by
I'd be more impressed if there were a clock in every shot. 

Festival darling Elizabeth Olsen stars in Silent House, which opens today. Adding a new twist and gimmick to the field of micro-budget horrors, Silent House is built around the convention of being shot as one continuous take presented in real time. I’ve yet to see the film, but real time is a pretty cool way to watch a film when it’s done correctly. The execution is tricky, but most importantly, it needs to rest upon a fantastic idea.

Reviews of Silent House are almost evenly split with the consensus being gimmicky but scary, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Of course, real time isn’t for everyone as you’ll see with the real time films listed below. What do you think, is real time worthwhile or a waste of time?

16 Blocks

Bruce Willis plays a burnt out New York City detective tasked with escorting Mos Def (aka Mos) to his grand jury testimonial. However, Mos’s Eddie is set to testify against a crooked cop who will in turn bring down every crooked cop in the department. Willis and Mos then have 90 minutes to travel the sixteen blocks downtown with an army of cops trying to kill them. I recommend they just take 2nd Avenue. Everyone else swears by the FDR but I’ve had little luck on it.

Nick of Time

In Nick of Time, Johnny Depp plays a mild-mannered accountant who is ordered to assassinate a Governor in exchange for his daughter’s life. We know that he’s mild-mannered because his character isn’t wearing earrings, face paint, or a dead crow on his head. Christopher Walken is excellent as Depp’s kidnapper and tormentor. The lesson here: never get in a van with Christopher Walken.

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