7 Film And TV Characters Getting Blasted In The Face With Pepper Spray

Tuesday, November 22 by

The Hot Chick

A young woman (Anna Faris) lives out our fantasies by spraying Rob Schneider after he claims to be her friend. If Rob Schneider claimed to be my friend, I would, at the very least, pepper spray him in the face. I would also bite his neck.

The Sopranos

For the second time on this list, James Gandolfini gets blasted in the face with a caustic agent. This time it’s during a brawl with Ralphie after he assaults him for supposedly murdering a race horse name Pie O’ My. He gets it in the eyes, which is a horrible place to get pepper spray. In case you were wondering, my favorite place to get pepper sprayed is my shoes.

*For the purposes of this article, Raid is pepper spray.

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