So this cop at UC Davis named John Pike totally pepper sprayed these seated, non-violent protesters right in their non-violent faces. Perhaps you’ve seen two or three hundred memes and articles about it. Anyway, we’re just happy that pepper spray is back in the news. We missed pepper-spray-centric journalism. Consequently, we’ve decided to celebrate by listing some really great pepper spray scenes.

Also, because it’s the holidays.

True Romance

In this scene between Alabama and one of Vincenzo Coccoti’s (Christopher Walken) henchman, Virgil, there is a bloody struggle as she fights for her life. He beats her mercilessly, but she is able to overcome, because she has Elvis on her side. The pepper spray does little to phase the henchman, played by James Gandolfini, but he is slowed enough by it, and a corkscrew in the foot, to succumb.

*For the purposes of this article, hairspray and a lighter counts as pepper spray.

Silence of the Lambs

That poor guard. That’s what you get for leaving paper clips laying about. You get your face eaten, then you get the bloody hole filled with pepper spray. It’s pretty unpleasant. Wait. I’m not done. Then you get your face peeled off and put on Hannibal’s face so that the other cops think he’s you, and put him in an ambulance instead of a cop car.

All because of some paper clip.

Little Nicky

Little Nicky gets sprayed in the face with pepper spray by Valerie. Why? Probably because he convinced her to star in this awful, awful movie. We all wish we could have sprayed Little Nicky in the face with pepper spray, but our only recourse was spraying our own faces with pepper spray in a futile effort to unsee this bad, bad film.

The Butterfly Effect

Ashton Kutcher sprays an attacker in the face with pepper spray, which is the only way his weak ass could ever win a fight. As recent events have deomsntrated, his weakness has made him a man of temptation, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, here he is spraying a guy with pepper spray. It’s a pepper-spray enthusiast’s wet dream.


Bethany sprays some ruffians with pepper spray, to no avail. Luckily, we soon learn that Jay and Silent Bob are actually tough and awesome, and they handle the situation. It’s the most violent scene in any Kevin Smith movie, and that includes the fight in the convenience store in Clerks. Note: I haven’t seen Red State.

The Hot Chick

A young woman (Anna Faris) lives out our fantasies by spraying Rob Schneider after he claims to be her friend. If Rob Schneider claimed to be my friend, I would, at the very least, pepper spray him in the face. I would also bite his neck.

The Sopranos

For the second time on this list, James Gandolfini gets blasted in the face with a caustic agent. This time it’s during a brawl with Ralphie after he assaults him for supposedly murdering a race horse name Pie O’ My. He gets it in the eyes, which is a horrible place to get pepper spray. In case you were wondering, my favorite place to get pepper sprayed is my shoes.

*For the purposes of this article, Raid is pepper spray.

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