7 Film And TV Characters Getting Blasted In The Face With Pepper Spray

Tuesday, November 22 by
Doing our part to ensure the internet is "pepper spray only" for the next day or so.  

So this cop at UC Davis named John Pike totally pepper sprayed these seated, non-violent protesters right in their non-violent faces. Perhaps you’ve seen two or three hundred memes and articles about it. Anyway, we’re just happy that pepper spray is back in the news. We missed pepper-spray-centric journalism. Consequently, we’ve decided to celebrate by listing some really great pepper spray scenes.

Also, because it’s the holidays.

True Romance

That poor guard. That’s what you get for leaving paper clips laying about. You get your face eaten, then you get the bloody hole filled with pepper spray. It’s pretty unpleasant. Wait. I’m not done. Then you get your face peeled off and put on Hannibal’s face so that the other cops think he’s you, and put him in an ambulance instead of a cop car.

All because of some paper clip.

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