A villain is often the best character in a movie. They get the best lines. They get to do crazy or evil things that make audiences love-to-hate them. An expertly crafted villain can turn a promising idea into a memorable movie. Not all of the bad guys are actually guys. Some of the best movie villains are women – both lovely and not-so-lovely–who don't think twice about killing anyone in their path. These movie villains are not the type of women any guy wants to take home to meet his parents:

1. Annie Wilkes ("Misery"):

Getting into a car accident on a deserted mountain road is bad enough. When your rescuer and caretaker turns out to be insane and sadistic, it's a lot worse. Kathy Bates made this adaptation of the Stephen King novel so frightening because she goes from sugary sweet to just plain nasty as the #1 fan of injured novelist Paul Shelton once she discovers he is going to kill off her favorite character. Seeing her crack his feet with a sledgehammer is enough to make anyone wince.

2. Alex Forrest ("Fatal Attraction"):

In her role as Alex Forrest, Glenn Close offers up evidence of why it is not a good idea for married men to engage in a one-night stand. When Forrest is involved, she takes her ensuing obsession to unhealthy levels. Harassing phone calls, kidnapping and boiling up a pet bunny are just a few of her tools to prove her love.

3. Nurse Ratched ("One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"):

Nurse Ratched is the perfect corrupt authority figure. She controls every aspect of life for mental patients under her care. Her favorite past time is abusing and humiliating patients at a whim, denying them the most basic of rights. When Randal McMurphy, played by Jack Nicholson, gets in her way, Ratched simply sends him in for a lobotomy.

4. Catherine Tramell ("Basic Instinct"):

As her interrogation scene will tell you, Catherine Tramell knows how to mesmerize the opposite sex. Tramell, played by Sharon Stone, uses that completely to her advantage. She manipulates and seduces men and uses them for whatever purposes suits her. Tramell is equally cold and cunning. She murders for pure amusement and has no conscience – like a female version of Hannibal Lecter (minus the cannibalism).

5. Jennifer Check ("Jennifer's Body"):

What do you get when you get a hot girl taken over by a demon? The answer is Jennifer Check – a high school cheerleader-type who kills men through having sex with them. A scantily clad Megan Fox fills the role of Jennifer and creates the preferred method of execution for slasher movie victims.

6. Mystique ("X-Men"):

If a pretty woman hits on a oafish guy at a bar, we all know it won't end well thanks to Mystique. The blue skinned shape-shifting mutant – played by Rebecca Romijin – uses her ability to mimic anyone to inject a love struck security guard with tons of metal that facilitates Magneto's escape from a plastic prison in “X-Men 2.”

7. Pamela Voorhes ("Friday the 13th"):

Jason Voorhees gets a deserved bad rap for his murderous shenanigans at Camp Crystal Lake. Still, Jason was not the first killer on the loose up there. That distinction belongs to his dear mother Pamela. She did not like the fact camp counselors failed to rescue her drowning son, so she went nuts and started killing them in large numbers decades later. That's a good enough reason to skip summer camp altogether.