Ah, redheads. There's just something about a fiery ginger that sets your heart ablaze, right? The way those amber locks gleam in the sun, the fair skin, the...well, suffice it to say, they pack a punch. Actresses know this, too, and that's why quite a few of them ditch their natural hair color in favor of the wicked shade of red. That means that quite a number of famous movie redheads aren't really gingers at all. They're dye jobs, and some of them have ben doing it for so long that the public has no idea that they aren't natural reds. The seven ladies on this list may not really be gingers, but they're fiery ladies nonetheless.

1. Ann Margret

One of the finest examples of a lady who straddles the line between "hot" and "classically beautiful," Ann Margret built her career on top-notch performances combined with sex appeal. That appeal was fuelled in no small part by the way her red hair leapt off the screen. But in reality, Ann Margret is a natural brunette. Somehow, her role in "Carnal Knowledge" wouldn't have been the same without her dyed red hair.

2. Emma Stone

Emma Stone has been on fire of late, and she's worn her hair to match. To be fair, she's never made her bones as redhead; she just happened to look like a ginger when she burst onto the scene. She's been a blonde and a brunette in her short but prolific career, but her red hair in "Superbad" was the first taste that many people had of the fast-rising megastar. She may not be a natural redhead, but that's okay-she looks great no matter the hair color.

3. Joanna Whalley

Oh, this one hurt. "Willow" fanboys everywhere were heartbroken to learn that Joanna Whalley, their beloved Sorsha in the movie, was not a natural red. In real life, she sports dark brown hair, so she had to bust out the Henna Rinse in order to achieve her bright red hair for the movie. She's gone on to appear in numerous other TV shows and movies, sometimes with her natural brown, sometimes with red hair, but nothing can erase the heartache of learning that she isn't really ginger.

4. Amy Adams

Amy's career was going nowhere fast when she was wearing her natural blonde hair. She was doomed to be second banana in any number of middling romantic comedies, until she discovered the miracle of red hair. Almost overnight, her luck changed. People started noticing her, propelling her into the upper echelon of today's stars. She's played wholesome characters and sexy vixens, but it's her dyed red hair that everyone remembers.

5. Aileen Quinn

Possibly the most famous ginger role of all time wasn't even really played by a ginger in the 1982 production of "Annie"?! Scandalous! The Ginger Society would be up in arms, if that were actually a real organization. Little Aileen had to dye her hair and be made up to look like the titular orphan. She could sing, sure, but she wasn't the genuine article.

6. Laura Prepon

Teenage boys were in heaven when "That 70s Show" hit the airwaves in the late 90s. They had their choice of ladies to ogle, and for the guys who found the character of Jackie annoying, there was hot Donna. But prior to her casting on the show, Laura Prepon was actually a brunette. The producers asked her to dye it red, and history was made. She's gone with blonde hair and her natural brown, but young men everywhere love her best as a spicy redhead.

7. Christina Hendricks

Christina is the "it" woman of the future. She's the antithesis of all the stick-thin actresses that populate the planet. Instead, she's busty and curvaceous, and her red hair really sets off the whole package. But alas, Christina isn't a natural red. No, she is in fact a blonde, but when you think about it, do you really care? Would blonde hair really take away from her overall package. After all, blonde seemed to work out pretty well for Marilyn Monroe. She made a buck or two, right?