7 Explorer Movies To Watch On Columbus Day

Thursday, January 5 by John Coon

The Right Stuff.jpg

“The Right Stuff” (1983): An in-depth look at how the NASA program formed and put American astronauts into space for the first time. “The Right Stuff” pushes the boundaries from the days of test pilot flights with Chuck Yeager to finally orbiting the Earth with John Glenn. It all sets the stage for the legendary Apollo program that put man on the Moon.

apollo 13 tom hanks

“Apollo 13″ (1995): One of the most memorable missions of the Apollo program is the one that did not land on the moon. “Apollo 13″ shows the courage of a three-man crew of astronauts who must find a way home when their spacecraft is too damaged to land on the moon. They turn a dark moment for NASA into a great story of survival with their ingenuity and refusal to give up.

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