Earlier today, rebel forces dragged Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi into the streets and publicly executed him. Not looking so tough now, Occupy Wall Street.

Gaddafi ruled over Libya for 42 years until his people grew tired enough of his rule that they banded together and ousted him. This, of course, is one of the risks of dictatorship. The trade-off is that you get to live in a palace and keep lions as pets. Still, you could do that as a heavyweight boxer too. I guess dictating requires less hours in the gym.

The point that I should have got too dozens of words ago is that dictators are bad. Movies taught me that. In fact, why don't you go ahead and read the seven evil movie dictators that deserve to be shot in the street. If you want to that is. No pressure from me. It's a free country.

M. Bison - Street Fighter

M. Bison is proof that powe taken by force corrupts the soul. He started his evil career in the drug trade like so many others do, and rose through the ranks to the position of drug lord. With a fictional South East Asian nature under his thumb, it wasn't long before he took the title of General and held humanitarians for ransom.

Bullies like this make me ill. And Jean Claude Van Damme can't always be around to give them their comeuppance. It's up to us -- we, the people -- to band together and shut down a threat like this. No matter the cost.

General Garza - The Expendables

As far as brutal dictators go, General Garza is kind of a pussy. He's easily pushed around by Eric Roberts and Stone Cold. Hey Garza, whose island is it anyway?! He deserved to be dragged into the street because of this lack of force. Oppress or get off the pot!

Sauron - The Lord of the Rings

Sauron really held Middle-Earth down. The strength of his pimp hand, though already quite strong, was significantly increased when he wore The One Ring. Wearing it, he was able to control all of his little elf bitches and make sure they worked only for him. But eventually, his elves had themselves an education and stood up to him forcing his ass into a volcano. Now that's some good revolting!

Xerxes - 300

Xerxes rolls pretty deep. With an army one million strong, he sends messengers from kingdom to kingdom insisting they bow to him. Well, sh*t like that don't fly in Sparta. Those crazy mothers will fight you even if they are outnumbered by 999,700. That's the right idea! Do you really want some random king forcing androgynous style on you? You gotta fight against that.

Scar - The Lion King

Scar is the worst kind of dictator. Not only did he steal the throne, but he did so by deceiving and murdering his own brother. Then he pinned the death on his young nephew!! If he weren't a lion, I'd go after him myself. In the end, he's torn to shreds by hyenas. Good!!

The Emperor - Return of the Jedi

The only man sneaky enough to overthrow the Senate and disband the Jedi Council, this religious fanatic turned the entire galaxy into a police state. Somebody should pick this asshole up and throw him down a pit. Seriously.

Kim Jon-il - Team America: World Police

Though actually a real guy, the Kim Jong-il depicted in Team America: World Police proves to be a larger than life character. He dares to use our nation's finest actors as pawns in his sick attempt to reduce every nation to a Third World country. Nobody makes a fool out of Janeane Garafalo. NOBODY!!