Which evil movie corporations give viewers another reason to appreciate their own bosses?  From ruthless to down right devious, the seven evil movie corporations listed below pull no punches when it comes to bad business. You'll be thankful that they are only films. Or are they? In today's world, it seems like life is imitating art more and more!

Umbrella Corporation from "Resident Evil" series.

It is all about the T-virus created by bioengineer pharmaceuticals that turn select humans into zombies while crafting up some super-human clones. The Umbrella Corporation folds thanks to one nasty super-human enemy (a female with super vengeance). Umbrella Corporation is as wicked as evil gets and super inhumane. They're supernatural horrors include all manner of mutated animals, as well as hopped-up mutant monsters. And you thought having to do weekend overtime was bad!

Life Extension in "Vanilla Sky"


"Life Extension" uses cryonics (Greek for icy cold) to give a person who dies a chance to live again. The main character played by Tom Cruise dies and experiences a "dream state" of his choice. Problem?  He just doesn't remember signing his afterlife away. The evil movie corporation seems never ending.  Cruise jumps from a building to end his dream state afterlife but in the very last scene Cruise opens his eyes, again. That's what you call "contract rollover."

Cyberdyne's SkyNet from "Terminator" series.

SkyNet is a highly advanced artificial intelligence with a score to settle with humanity. Not that humans started that porthole-transported war or anything; the computers just got all uppity one day and decided eradication was the way to go. SkyNet had terminators travel through time and change history's events to avoid any future obstacles involving a robotic take over. Fortunately, Sarah and John Connor, in all their dysfunctional glory, were on hand to save the day.

Manchurian Global from "The Manchurian Candidate."

This 2004 movie is off-the-charts brilliant. Denzel Washington plays the main character, Bennett Marco, a veteran soldier who believes whatever his mind tells him. What he doesn't know is that his Desert Storm military tour began with a brainwashing technique and a computer chip. The Manchurian Global corporation is run by a political powerhouse. The corporation did whatever it could to protect past alterations on soldiers. Even if it meant by computer chip insertion, or as the 1962 film tactic shared, by hypnosis and brainwashing. Later, their chipped-out soldiers can carry out their evil bidding.

Weyland-Yutani in "Alien."


When a boss tells you to suck it up and prepare to be impregnated by an alien, it is time to quit. But what happens when you fail to even see their goal? You have "Alien", the movie series. The corporation's goal was to control outer space and make alien babies between some humans and truly ugly acid dripping aliens. On top of that, there is apparently money to be made in this xenomorphic business, further proving that money, along with face-hugging aliens, are the root of all evil.

Hedare Beauty Corporation in "Catwoman."

This corporation takes away the wrinkles but replaces them with a face as hard as Stone (Sharon Stone that is). Sharon Stone plays a wicked role of a woman willing to kill to keep her product on the market. What the users did not know was that once they used Beau-Line they couldn't stop. That is, if they didn't want their face to melt or anything. But yes, Catwoman (a.k.a. Patience Phillips a.k.a. Halle Berry) prevails after a cat fight with Stone. Stone is smashed through glass before splashing her Beau-Line face everywhere. Good thing the surface stopped her fall or the noted "worst movie" by critics would go on forever.

The Silver Shamrock Mask Corporation from "Halloween III; Season of the Witch."


The Silver Shamrock commercial that was to air on Halloween night would activate a chip of the mask children would wear. When the chip was activated the kids were suppose to die unleashing, snakes and other scary animals around them for parents and nearby people to deal with. Well, that's before the main characters in the movie stopped the corporation's evil plan. After this decidedly weird departure for the series, the "Halloween" franchise returned to its bread-and-butter: Michael Myers cutting people to ribbons.