7 Epic Movie Battles Between Kids And Monsters

Monday, October 24 by

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

You’re probably more familiar with the TV show, but Buffy was slaying vampires on the big screen before The WB was even invented. And yeah, they look like guys in white makeup and lame Dracula costumes, probably because they were. But still, I bet that’s more than you had to deal with in high school.

The Faculty

Speaking of high school, the monsters in The Faculty are of the body-snatching pod person variety. And as the title suggests, the faculty of the high school are the first to get killed and replicated by the aliens, so it’s up tp the misfits of the school to fight them, lest the entire human population be turned into conformists and squares. Even the “cool” science teacher, played by Jon Stewart, isn’t safe. Luckily, one of the kids stabs his replicant in the eye with a pen before he can do much damage.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Ten-year-old John Connor had always been told he was going to grow up to be a “Great Military Leader” and overthrow humanity’s robot overlords. He also thought his mother, who taught him this, was insane…at least until the actual robots from the future started showing up, trying to kill him. The “monster” in this case is a T-1000, a Terminator robot composed of liquid metal which allows him to shapeshift and transform parts of his body into hooks, knives, and any other simple implements he can think of. Luckily for Connor, he has his very own Terminator robot (albeit a different, non-liquid model) to protect him, as well as his bad ass mom.

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