7 Epic Movie Battles Between Kids And Monsters

Monday, October 24 by

Attack the Block from director Joe Cornish is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray, but it isn’t the only movie to feature kids locking horns with scary monsters. After all, pitting young people against your monster makes the monster look bigger.

Here are seven epic movie battles between kids and monsters.

Super 8

This year’s Super 8 was a classic example of kids vs. monsters. You’ve got a small band of nerdy child filmmakers who accidentally get embroiled in a government cover-up of a giant alien monster they’ve been experimenting on for decades.


Don’t think the kids from It have it easy just because they’re in a made-for-TV monster movie. As anyone who saw this movie will tell you, the monster from It, which preys on fear and has the ability to take the shape of anything that frightens you, is a lot scarier than the majority of big-screen movie monsters. His most terrifying form is as a murderous clown played by (of course) Tim Curry. If you’re still doubting the legitimacy of this monster, remember that by the time he was defeated, the kids had grown up into adults!

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